My Big Ass Mouth

My co-workers and I take a quick break to grab some coffee.  Unfortunately, our coffee maker is broken, so we have to head over to the executive office area and use theirs. 

I work for a Fortune 500 type company, and over the next couple of days, there’s all sorts of big time meetings going on, and all the executives are actually in town for once.  So, as we walk into the area, I quip, “I better watch my mouth, you never know who is walking around here!”  Everyone kind of snickers and we move on.

Co-worker 1 to Co-worker 2: Have you read ToBlogOr’s entry yet today?  It’s funny.

Co-worker 2:  Nope not yet.

Me:  Nah, you’ll know she’s read it when she barfs all over her desk.

CEO who happened to be walking by JUST at that moment: …………………..

Yeah.  Me and my big mouth strike again.


4 responses to “My Big Ass Mouth

  1. Don’t worry…I’m sure your CEO was too busy thinking of ways to cover his ass with the company’s stock spiraling down in the toilet…

    Too late. I think it might be technically impossible for our stock price to spiral any further. Now he just needs a scapegoat. My only saving grace will be if my co-worker actually does barf on her desk, then I’d just be looked at as a good forecaster 😉

  2. See? This is precisely why I skipped that last entry. With your.. uhm.. track record? I had a feeling that TMI Thursday would be taken quite literally.

    Awww man. It’s really not that bad! I think you’d like it! I promise there was no barfing (or at least public barfing) haha

  3. I thought it was one of the best TMI Thursday episodes I’ve read so far. I was sputtering at my desk trying not to crack up. I don’t think I would have wanted to answer the “what are you reading?” question.

    “Oh, just reading a crappy article written by some random dude. Nothing interesting here.”

    Glad ya liked it 🙂

  4. Do you work in IT by chance?

    No, if I did, I wouldn’t have to watch my mouth so much. IT guys are known to be pretty crass 😉 haha *duck*

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