London in Pictures

I took like 400 pictures when I was in London, and well, most of them sucked.  Why?  Because the weather blew and I have no idea how to take good pictures when I’m getting rained on. 

I also hate posting pictures of just random shit – so I figured I’d post the most blog-relevant pictures I had.  So that means no touchy-feely pics of GF and I looking all lovey-dovey while standing in front of some random tourist spot.

London in Pictures

These are the 1st beers we drank in London, approximately 1 hour after landing.  Mmmm mmmm good!

London in Pictures

I took this picture at Buroughs Market because I had no fucking clue what it meant, but it sounds good eh?  Well, the sign doesn’t lie – those posh bangers were delish!


London in Pictures

The 1 briefly nice day we had. 


London in Pictures

 The Brits protest the Iraq War too – with Westminster Abbey in the background.


London in Pictures

 Apparently, the “Face of the Enemy in Kabul” is a Star Wars Alien


London in Pictures

 Screw Bin Laden, get the Afgani Alien!!


London in Pictures

Gargoyles at Westminster Abbey like the taste of acid rain.


London in Pictures

Plan a war and then pray afterward.  Kind of Ironic eh?


London in Pictures

Apparently they don’t want me to sit here, eh?  I thought they only did this kind of thing for pigeons… 


London in Pictures

 Nothing funny here, just Tower Bridge in the background


London in Pictures

Loo of the year award, brought to you by the “BTA” – British Toilet Association.  Seriously.  Who pays these people?  What was the award presentation like?  Was there a ceremonial flushing?


London in Pictures

 Cool piece of art at the British Museum.  Those are old decaying animal carcasses making those shadows.


London in Pictures

Ahh wonderful!  Old Egyptian relics and a gold statue of Kate Moss showing off her v-jay in the same room.  Somehow this makes sense.   


London in Pictures

 I want to be able to park my car like this.


London in Pictures

 More beer.  Nothing more to say than that.  Oh, that’s “Tribute: Premium Cornish Ale” on the left… and yes, it was f’n great.


London in Pictures

Ice Cream Gelato sundae at Harrod’s.  One of the best sundae’s I’ve ever had – especially since it cost about $18.  Seriously!


London in Pictures

 Last rose of the season in front of St. Pauls


London in Pictures

Changing of the Guard in front of Buckingham Palace.


Well, there ya go.  My Our London trip in pictures, which I hope wasn’t too boring for y’all.

Since I was on vacation, I took a break from the whole bitter/angry thing….. but now that I’m back in the US – you can expect a return to my normal ranting self.


5 responses to “London in Pictures

  1. Dr. H (formerly known as H)

    If you want a shock on prices the next time you travel, hit up Norway. The $18 sundae sounds about right, but it probably wouldn’t look that pretty 🙂

    Wow! I’ll put that on my list of places to visit when I’m super rich. Sheesh

  2. Mmmmm… BEER…. thank god it’s quittin’ time!

    Why is beer only saved for after quittin’ time? It should be an all day affair 😉

  3. “No touchy-feely pics of GF and I looking all lovey-dovey while standing in front of some random tourist spot?” That’s what I was waiting to see!

    So what the heck is a “posh banger in a bap?”

    I had a beautiful sky when I saw Tower Bridge back in Oct ’04:

    A posh banger in a bap is a very tasty banger (sausage) in a bun (or in this case 3 sausages in a bun). Funny eh?

    Nice pics! Lucky you!

  4. That statue cracks me up.

    I loved watching people’s reaction to it. If I wasn’t on a guided tour of the place, I would have just stood there and taken pictures of people reactions.

  5. I really miss gelato

    There’s a pretty good place in Georgetown that I like, Dolcezza, that isn’t too bad… but it’s not like the stuff you get in Europe.

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