London Sex, I think

Faster, faster! I willed the train, thinking only of the crispy beef dripping clad Adonis that would soon be mine. 

The touch of my tender lips on its succulent golden flesh racing through my mind, bringing me closer to chip ecstasy with every turn of the wheels. 

Come on! Faster! I demanded breathlessly.

This was an advertisement that I saw today in the tube in London.  What was it advertising?:

Potato Chips.

But not JUST potato chips, McCain’s Potato Chips.  No, not that McCain.

And if this is how the Brits like to describe their potato chips, you can see why they kicked the Puritans out of the country.

London Sex, I think


One response to “London Sex, I think

  1. but if they hadn’t kicked out those religious prudes, we wouldn’t have PA.

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