Face Boobs

I have made a ground breaking discovery that will change the very way that we view boobs.

So, I was at a party last night.  A rehearsal dinner of sorts for the little brother of one of my best friends.  He’s getting married today, and it’s all very exciting.

The party consisted of a whole number of friends of the family, both old and young – hanging out and celebrating the impending marriage. 

So, what the heck does that have to do with the title of this blog entry? I’ll tell you!

I was talking to an old friend of the family – a very very nice lady who has known my buddy’s mom for years.  She was fascinating to talk to…. well, at least I think she was fascinating.

I’m not really quite sure, because I just could not stop staring at her boobs.

Ok, stop.  Before you get all fired up, let me explain the situation.

This lady is a very fine looking older woman – and she was wearing and extremely low cut shirt that showed a LOT of boob.  I mean, a LOT.  Not an inappropriate amount, but definitely riding the line between classy and naked.

It was very similar to this picture of another hot older lady, Susan Sarandon:

Face Boobs

So here we are, sitting down at the kitchen table trying to have a conversation and all I can focus on is:



She starts talking about how she was involved in peace negotiations in Georgia (the country):

Welcome to Ta-Ta-land

Welcome to Ta-Ta-land

We talked about organizational psychology:



ARRRGH! I couldn’t stop staring.

And then I realized I was on to something.

This lady has Face Boobs!

“Face Boobs” are defined as boobs that, no matter what the situation is, naturally draw yours eyes to them…. as if that’s where her face was.

I was so excited!  This was a ground-breaking discovery!

After the staring conversation was over, I ran over to GF to tell her about my new concept.

Me: “Hey, have you met Susan Sarandon-lady over there?”

GF: “Yeah, I talked to her, but I couldn’t stop staring at her boobs!!!”

Face Boobs

Face Boobs


4 responses to “Face Boobs

  1. Some women complain about people staring at their boobs…but some women definitely bring it upon themselves with the shirts they choose to wear.

    True. My favorite are the women who wear really low cut shirts and then are SHOCKED when people stare. I mean, c’mon now – you knew it was coming

  2. This is hilarious. I’m pretty sure I was rocking it last night. And I’m totally okay with that.

    Nothing wrong with that, except that I haven’t seen any pics! 😉

  3. It’s nice to know men still appreciate a fine pair of Ta Tas. You’d never know with all the attention being paid to asses these days.

    Asses are great, but usually pretty much covered. Boobs still rate #1, but asses are a close 2nd

  4. fashionablyliberal

    As a girl who is *ahem* well endowd… I appreciate your appreciation! It’s nice to know that at least for some men a good pair, accompanied by a waist of course, still trump the skinny minis.

    Oh and I love your GFs comment! It’s so true sometimes though…there are some women who have “girls” even us girls have trouble not staring at.

    Boobs and waists are the greatest things ever

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