Knocked Out Chasing Girls

They were hot. They had it going on. They knew we were after them.

My friend Brian and I spotted them, and even from across the way we knew we had their attention.

What were they going to do?  Would they talk to us?

No.  It wasn’t going to be that easy.

They played hard to get, as most girls like to do.

So we hatched a plan…. we were going to get them, and we were going to get them good.

We had to split up…. Brian going to the left, with me going to the right. They wouldn’t be able to avoid us, and with our advanced tactics in place, we’d take them by surprise.

The plan was that I would set off first after them, and once I had their full attention, I would give a subtle signal to Brian, who would then sneak in secretly.

We were devious, and we knew it.

Off I went. I wasn’t subtle, and within seconds I had their full attention. The plan was working!

I gave Brian the signal…… and then suddenly….






I opened my eyes, and there I was, sprawled out across her lap, her arms wrapped around me lovingly.

3 things popped into my head immediately:

  1. How did I get here?
  2. Why does my head hurt like hell?
  3. This is not the girl I was after.

You see, for some reason I was in the lap of  Ms Hunter, my K-4 pre-school teacher.

What, you weren’t following that when I started?  Oh, let me re-hash then a bit.

You see, Brian and I were in the school yard, and we liked these girls…. but they didn’t really like us.

Why?  Cause at age 4, boys are icky, of course!

The plan was that we were going to chase them around the playground. I’d go right, and Brian would hide on the left side where I would chase them, and once I gave the signal, he would jump out and “get them.”

The signal?  Subtle for a 4 year old – the Tarzan call… including chest pounding for good measure.

The thing is, when, at full speed, I turned my head to give the signal….. I didn’t see the girls run under the 100 year old cast iron jungle gym.

You can probably guess what happened from here….

I never even saw it coming.  Apparently I ran into it so hard that I knocked myself out cold for about 5 minutes.  Even got 8 stitches out of the whole deal!

You know what though? Even though I about knocked my brain out – Brian and I?

Nope – never have stopped chasing girls.


7 responses to “Knocked Out Chasing Girls

  1. This was cute to read………

    Cute? Oh the word of death! 😉

  2. It’s always good to know that your head can take a good beating.

    You just noticed this? 😉

  3. If being knocked out didn’t slow you down, I can imagine it would take quite a bit to change your strategy (not that there’s anything wrong with chasing girls).

    The chase is half the fun! And yeah, I’m not sure anything is stopping me at this point…. though that might be due to the brain cells I killed when I ran into the jungle gym… hmmmm

  4. I used to push boys’ heads into the water fountain while they were drinking.

    But only the cute ones.


    It’s all fun and games until someone chips a tooth, or gets a girlfriend. Girls are icky! haha

  5. But we haven’t gotten any better at avoiding those metal bars. Now, they’re made of emotions.

    The cast iron jungle gym was so distraught about the whole episode, it tore itself down just a few short years later. Tragic.

  6. Please, you cannot be deterred by a little pain. Some of us girls even like that.

    Sadists you women are. Sadists.

  7. Wimmin’ll mess you up.

    Tell me about it… but boobs make it totally worth it.

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