Randomly Rambunctious Remarks II

This country is addicted to fecal matter.  I swear we spend half of our days talking about it and referring to it.  What am I talking about? 

Well, a week or 2 ago I agreed with Live It Love It to do Random Remark/TMI Thursdays, when a random number of us just randomly made random remarks on the same random day.  Random.

I had planned on already doing a series called “Randomly Rambunctious Remarks” – inspired by [F]oxymoron’s Verbally Voyeuristic posts.  My concept was going to be 1-3 sentence thoughts that I would come up with here and there but was too lazy to expand into an entire post. 

The concept for this week was, not-ironically, hatched while I was sitting on the shitter at work.

Welcome to:

 Randomly Rambunctious Remarks:

 The Shit & Piss Edition


It seems that we are always referring to our bodily functions during the day.  There are a number of people who resist this, but they’re just shitheads.  Holy shit!  Stop being such an old fart, take the stick out of your ass, and please stop acting like your shit don’t stink.  It’s really starting to piss me off.  Maybe I’m just full of shit, but I like having fun.  I do things just for shits and gigglesSometimes though, I have diarrhea of the mouth which ends up creating a shit storm and gets me in a load of shit.  That’s always a pisser, because I hate getting shit on.   I’m serious here! Wipe that shit eating grin off your face!

I think you get the point. 

The history of the word shit is long and glorious, though not without some controversy. 

Ok, To Blog Or, give us the straight poop.  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

The origin or the word shit is NOT that old wives tale about boats, that were shipping manure crap, blowing up because of a build-up of methane gas below deck.  The tale goes that because of all the ships blowing up, they started marking the bags of crap with S.H.I.T. or “Ship High In Transit.”  

This guy does a good job of debunking that theory

So, where does it come from?  I did some research in my book “Origins: A Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English” but got bored just reading the cover.  I mean, seriously, who the fuck cares? 

Ok, ok, I’m not going to leave you up shit’s creek.  Here’s what I learned:

Some people trace the work back to the old norse word skīta (to defecate), and there are some english links to the noun scite (dung).  Bored yet?  I am.  Moving on….

Even better is the etymology of the word “fart” – which according to wikipedia is “one of the oldest words in the english vocabulary.”  It has links to greek, latin, sanskrit, and on and on.  Apparently humans have loved to talk about bodily functions for thousands of years!

Ok enough about that.  Keeping with the random theme: 

Here’s an article about a huge inflatable dog turd that went on a rampage at a Swiss Museum (pictured below). 

 Randomly Rambunctious Remarks

That’s funny shit.

I’ve had to try to explain to a non-english speaker what “shits and giggles,” “shit eating grin,” and “full of shit” really mean.  It’s hard, and if you want some amusement, take a second and contemplate the literal meaning of those sayings.   

So, in honor of the greatness of poop and all that relates to it, I ask you to take a moment today and appreciate how shitty our lives would be without bodily function references sprinkled into our conversations.

I leave you with the first verse of the T.S. Eliot Poem – “The Triumph of Bullshit”

Ladies, on whom my attentions have waited
If you consider my merits are small
Etiolated, alembicated,
Orotund, tasteless, fantastical,
Monotonous, crotchety, constipated,
Impotent galamatias
Affected, possibly imitated,
For Christ’s sake stick it up your ass.


Thanks to CreoleInDC and DCBlogs for featuring my blog post 12 Real Reasons Why Obama Won


9 responses to “Randomly Rambunctious Remarks II

  1. WHAT IS WRONG WITH DC BLOGGERS!! I saw fecal and skipped this. We must stop this revolution, even if LiLu is one of my best friends…she is wrong. WRONG.

    Stop being a poop (hah!) Join us in our homage to all things TMI. And you better have read my post or else I’m comin’ for you. And that’s the straight poop.

  2. HAHAHAHA Viva TMI Thursdays! And poop! Lem, we will convert you into a follower of Bathroom Humor yet…

    Thank you for the inspiration. Poop is one of the greatest words in the english language. Yes. long live poop!

  3. Oh no, Lem. It’s glorious. As is this post.

    Thanks! If we all work on her, she’ll come around eventually. C’mon Lem – don’t be a shit stain! (heh heh)

  4. Such deep remarks that are thought of while using the toilet…

    That’s where I do my best thinking!

  5. Well, this is the last time I read your blog during lunch… lol 🙂

    Heh heh. My work here is complete. 😉

  6. I had to skip to the end as well. My gag reflex is huge (but only with regard to boogers and poop. with other things, I’m grand).

    Oh stop… there was nothing icky in this post… unless you don’t like discussing grammar… in which case I agree – that makes me gag too.

  7. I think I like the ship high in transit thing. Maybe I’ll just spread that around and start it up again.

    It’s certainly more entertaining than etymology. What would we call this discussion? Shitology?

  8. Is it wrong that sometimes I think the best part of my day is when I drop the kids off at the pool?

    Nope, not unless you are a lumberjack dropping a log.

  9. The best part of MY day is the 20 minutes in which I get paid to sit on the toilet at work and do my crossword puzzle.

    Uhh… is there any other place to do the crossword? I thought doing it on the toilet was part of the rules or something.

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