I’ve Got Sex On the Ears

Before I start, I want to thank DCBlogs for their mention today! Thanks!

Now, on with the show!


So, I have this very nice female coworker (FC) who sits next to me at work. We get along quite well, but it seems that we have a bit of an issue…. we have a breakdown in our communications.

You see, for the 2nd time in 2 weeks FC has said something to me that was definitely not work appropriate. Being the good little politically correct worker bee that I am, I of course gave her a quizzical look, and repeated the question back to her for clarification.

Instance 1:

FC: Hey, do you want a quickie?

Me: Did you just ask me if I wanted a quickie?

FC: No! I asked you if you wanted a cookie.

Me: Oh.

Instance 2:

FC: Are you a prude?

Me: Uhh…… did you just ask me if I’m a prude?

FC: No. I asked you if you were approved. For your PTO.

Me: Oh… uh. Yeah. Thanks. Ha ha. Sorry about that. At least I didn’t ask you if you wanted a quickie this time.

FC: …………….

So, what have I learned out of all of this? I’ve learned to just nod yes whenever FC talks to me and do my best not to act like the complete pervert I am….. well, at least at work.

I've Got Sex On the Ears


7 responses to “I’ve Got Sex On the Ears

  1. You aren’t the only one with sex on the brain.

    Sex on the brain. Sex on the ears. Sex in my pants. It’s sex all over! 😉

  2. That’s hysterical.

    Not quite in the same vein, but your post made me think of this: A coworker of mine used to get up at noon every day and cheerfully announce, “I’m going to go toss my salad now!”

    It took me a year to work up the nerve to tell her it’s non-lettuce meaning.

    OY! haha You know, I love those kinds of stories… they make my day. You sure she really was talking about the salad, and not a perv like us? 😉

  3. its, not it’s. sorry to those who are easily offended by punctuation errors!

    your luckee that yoo pohstead dis. Eye wuld hav ban’d yoo iff yoo didnt phix you’re errer.

  4. I’ll bet she’s a low-talker.

    haha nice. Honestly, I’d call her more of a medium talker 😉

  5. Ahem, check the DC Blogs’ byline.

    You’re welcome.

    That’s why I wear glasses. The check is in the mail 😉

  6. A close talker, perhaps?

    That would make these little “moments” you’re sharing even more speshul.

    Haha how close are you talkin? 😉

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