Holy. Mackeral.

If the Phillies win the World Series, I might actually cry. How funny/sad/stupid/amazing is that?

I remember 1980……. please! PLEASE!


2 responses to “Holy. Mackeral.

  1. I wish I were home only to see how my dad will act…. we used to get Prism when I was little, so you know he’s a sports fan. i mean, no one got Prism for the movies.

    I miss Prism. I used to think HBO and Prism were like the coolest channels ever. Ahh the good ole days of cable.

  2. The Phillies winning would take the sting (somewhat) out of them beating my Dodgers. My rationale is this: at least we lost to the eventual World Champions.

    Any way you can justify feeling better that involves the Phillies winning, is good by me!

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