Sexy, Single, and Celibate? Bring it.

Welcome to blog wars – sex and dating edition.

On Sexy, Single, and Celibate’s blog, I made the comment yesterday that dating sucks. 

Her response on her blog entry today is:

“No, no, it doesn’t.  Dating leads to sex.  Sex is good.  I need the wildly hot and sexy To Blog Or him to revise his statement.  Dating doesn’t suck.  Online dating sucks.

She wants me to revise my statement?

Well….. I was going to leave her a long and involved comment on her entry, but my shitty-ass work computer is all fucked up and for some reason won’t let me.   So here we go….

My response? 




You see, dating definitely sucks.  Why?  Because to get to the good stuff, you have to weed through all the losers out there. 

I do totally agree with her that sex is good.  In fact its great! You know what else I think is great?  It’s a scary word….. but I still like it:


Dating is the crap you have to put up with in order to get sex and relationships.  Good dating usually leads to a relationship.  Anything less than good dating usually leads to (well, at least for the men) – a couple of expensive dinners that involve boring conversations.  I like food and all, but hell, I’d rather eat by myself than put up with some of the drivel I’ve been forced to listen to.

Oh, and SSC – you are right – online dating is even worse – ugh.  Been there, done that.  Won’t go back. 

I like to think that online dating is a lot like cyber-sex. 

You might have had a little fun here or there , but at the end of the day, all you get for your efforts is a dirty tissue.


12 responses to “Sexy, Single, and Celibate? Bring it.

  1. Dating does suck – online and offline. Dude the last few online dates I have had have never led to sex – don’t get me started on that. Its the ones in person that lead to the hookup and of course the one I can’t have.

    Exactly! See, I knew you were brilliant (primarily since you agree with me)

  2. and I love her blog – she rocks 🙂

    Whose side are you on anyway? The enemy? hehe

  3. her blog is amazing – its a good read – but seriously online dating is getting old – it sucks – maybe I need to write about this – I have gotten more lucky going to law enf biker events then with silly online dating – maybe I should create my own site.

    People get lazy online, plus its the same crappy people over and over and over again. It’s like the recycler of anti-social people. Screw that. Meet someone through a friend or at an event. I definitely think you should create your own site though 😉 Too bad I don’t have red hair! haha

  4. Agreed. I hate dating. I also hate contrived dating situations like “dinner” where I am expected to sit across the table and make nice with some dude dead-set on demonstrating his intellectual superiority. For some reason (um, perhaps my shitty character judging abilities) I always end up on dates with guys who feel the need to “prove” how smart they are. I much prefer nebulous “hanging out” scenarios where men meet me in my natural habitat (ie on a sofa somewhere drinking good beer) and we shoot the shit about some random topic.

    And having been online for the dating recently I must ask this question: has the caliber of male online daters taken a nose-dive recently or have my standards improved since the last time I was single?

    I agree with you completely. Dating women is the same way. It’s like a contest to show your worth. Aigh. Just be yourself and stop one upping everything I say! As for the caliber of men – yes, your standards have improved… and yes – the caliber of men has nose-dived 😉 Err at least I think, I’m not really in the “man market”

  5. hp the caliber of male online daters has gone to crap. I love my new tactic – I send guys drinks now………

    Can you just send me a drink then? I really need one right about now. Argh! (Oh, and a woman sending a man a drink is HOT!)

  6. Expensive dinners? You might not be dating right.

    Yes, expensive. Expensive being defined as: paying any amount of money for dinner and not getting/wanting some action afterward. 😉

  7. I hated dating, too. That’s why I’m married.

    Here’s a tip: Apply that feathering out method I mentioned the other day to your dating life. Let me know how it works.

    Ahh marriage – the life-raft for all those who hate dating.

  8. The last time I had hot cybersex I was required to enter my credit card number… anybody else ever have this problem?

    I don’t think its possible to have hot cybersex. I think men in general are pretty visual, so unless I can see it, it’s really not all that interesting to me.

  9. Awww, Doug. Can’t we all just get along?

    Zipcode, thanks for the support.

    I can agree to disagree. Although give me a few weeks of dating and maybe I’ll come over to the dark side.

    Not the dark side of marriage, however, SingLikeSassy, been there, done that.

    Of course we can get along 😉 As long as you agree with me! haha (And yes, I might agree with Zipcode about your blog too!)

    I am totally with ya on the marriage thing 😉

  10. I have Gene Simmons Views on Marriage – there is no need.
    I need a harem of men – taking applications ha

    Harems are ALWAYS a good thing!!

  11. You might want to pick a different picture for your online dating efforts than the one here. And, Dude, brush your teeth!

    Yeah, probably a bad first picture of myself, eh? I probably should stay out of the crypts so I can get a bit more color

  12. ok…ididnt read alll the comments so forgive if someone brought this up already..BUT… what reallllly sux is if you have good dates and they lead to bad sex….rrrgh… now THAT is frustrating

    Holy Jeebus. Yes. Totally. ARGH! I hate that. Especially when it’s someone who is attractive and you have a pretty good chemistry with, and then they suck in bed. Double argh!

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