Stupid People

I hate stupid people.

You know who I’m talking about too – it’s those people who, one day, are going to face the realities of Darwinism, and very few of us are going to mourn.

Who are these stupid people?

Stupid People – Driving Edition

  • Those people who drive SUV’s at 85mph on the highway when it’s snowy out, because they think God changes the laws of physics for loves those with 4 wheel drive
  • People who change lanes on the highway for no apparent reason, usually from the slow lane to the center lane, and then proceed to drive 5mph under the speed limit
  • Horn blowers.  There are 2 types beeps – “WATCH OUT” beeps, and “Fuck You” beeps.  Horn blowers are the ones who only do FU beeps, and tend to lay on their horn for 5 or 10 seconds at a time.  Extra props to the guys that do it outside my window at 3am
  • People who block the box
  • When you are in a merge lane, merging works like a zipper – each car in the regular lanes lets a car from the merge lane in…..and then there’s that 1 person who can’t possibly let other cars merge in front of theirs
  • Bad parallel parkers…. the ones who take 8 tries to get into a spot 10x the size of their actual car.  Or the SUV that’s trying to fit into a spot that a SmartCar might fit into and parks right on your bumper
  • When approaching a toll booth – there’s always that car that is indecisive and….. just….can’t……figure……out….which…….lane………go….to – and invariably end up in a EasyPass lane….. without an EasyPass.

So many stupid people, so little time.  I’ll revisit this, because it’s a topic that is definitely worth blogging about…. or not.


4 responses to “Stupid People

  1. This is my favorite toll booth story. My husband is in Boston for work and is stuck in that horrific merge from the airport. So he’s creeping up and up and is continuously in competition with one other car. They get to the merge and the other driver looks at him. Rick looks at the guy with his “go ahead and hit me look” and shouts, “Rental.” Dude in the other car replies, “Stolen!”

    Cracks me the fuck up every time I think about it.

    Haha nice! I’m impressed – a good driving story where neither person was dumb! Wow!

  2. Oh, I love this. You could do one of these Every. Single. Day, based solely on the experiences of said day. I truly believe that.

    I am giving this concept strong consideration, though there isn’t really any thought that would be involved… just because it’s too easy!!

  3. Yes, bad drivers, is a topic most worthy of revisiting and blogging about. I too, have a post about bad driving. However, I use extremely offensive language and thoughts and if you are not OK with that, don’t read it. 😦 If you don’t mind adult humor, definitely check it out. Good Day.

  4. I love what you have written.
    Hi there, I have a poetry blog and have written a poem about stupid people. I hope you don’t mind me commenting here. All the best K x

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