Taste of Georgetown…. FAIL

So, a friend and I got together today to head over to the “Taste of Georgetown” to get some good eats and wine. Now, I had just been to a nice wine festival out in Manassas a couple of weeks ago and had a pretty good experience, so I figured – what the heck, I don’t live far from Georgetown – let’s go!

Yeah. Right. Ok, firstly, when I had heard that the price was $5 per tasting – I figured that meant, you get in and it’s $5 to try a bunch of places. Nooooooooooooooooo. You see, it was $5 per stand, which meant this: stand-in-a-really-long-line-waiting-for-a-smallish-portion-of-food-that-really-isn’t-worth-$5

What the heck is the point of that?? I figured that this would be a good way for the restaurants to showcase their foods in a welcoming setting. But, at $5 a pop, I’m not going to spend $20 or $30 to get a mini-taste of a number of different places. Especially considering that if I WENT to the actual restaurant, I could get the item for virtually the same cost. On all aspects of the event, I give it a big FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL! Ok wait, as a positive, the weather was spectacular… so Mother Nature gets some points. Good job.

So, what is MY response to all of this? Making snarky comments about some of the food offered, of course!

Clydes: What the hell? Only offering Butternut Squash Soup is stupid…. firstly, it isn’t exactly an original soup, and the only time I might even contemplate ordering it is IF I WAS IN YOUR RESTAURANT. The last thing I want to do while walking around on the street is drink some boring ass soup. WTF?

Mendocino Grille: Ok you offered soup too, but it was “Delicata Squash Soup with Spiced Pumpkin Seeds and Curry Oil” At least that sounds creative, though what the hell is “Delicata?” I would have liked to have tried it, but I didn’t exactly want to spend $5 on soup.

Mie N Yu: I love your restaurant, but let’s be honest here. The cost per taste is $5…. your “Kobe Beef Brisket Rendang” isn’t really Kobe Beef…. so stop claiming it is. If I went to a store to buy Kobe beef – for $5 they might let me sniff it.

Ok, quick editorial comment (wait, aren’t these already all editorial comments? err well whatever). So, sliders were the word of the day. I swear every place was offering sliders. Honestly, the last thing I want to eat when I go to a “Taste of” kind of event, is sliders…. unless it’s a really unique slider. Rugby Cafe… I’m looking at you. Calling your sliders “Hereford Beef Sliders” doesn’t make them unique… you are just telling us what kind of cow you ground up.

So, anyway – how did I come out of all of this? Well, after wandering around semi-aimlessly with 10,000 of our closest touristy friends, my friend and I decided to screw it all and head back up to the “Tackle Box” on M Street. And you know what? We had a really great meal for $13.


3 responses to “Taste of Georgetown…. FAIL

  1. Wow. Really glad we passed on this today and had a good lunch at Cafe Soleil and took in the glass exhibit at the Renwick.

    On sliders… not sure I want to eat anything that is named for what it does in your system.

    You’re lucky! Sounds like you had a really fun day. How was the glass exhibit? And yeah, I’m with you on sliders… just call it a burger!

  2. This kind of reminds me of the Taste of Chicago. We have to buy tickets and pay for our food with those. We end up paying like $8 for a small portion of something that would normally cost $3. Not eff’in cool.

    screw that! I like food too much to pay those prices for nothing!

  3. It was good! If you like glass, I recommend checking it out.

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