A man walked into a blog store….

I haven’t quite figured out the punchline for the joke yet….

-And got a nice burn from all the hot air inside

-And spent the next 6 hours of his life reading bulgarian blogs about bifurcated beagles

-And then spend the next 6 hours authoring a 6000 word essay for his blog about the moral improprieties of a blog store

These are the things that I contemplate, and yes, that’s why I created this blog.

So, anyway, today I was sitting here at work, minding my own business, when suddenly my co-worker accosts me with this headline: Former Mr Gay UK slit lover’s throat then marinated his diced flesh with fresh herbs” 

Seriously? Fresh herbs? That’s it??  You kill your lover, and slice off some of his leg meat, and that’s the recipe you come up with??? Can I say, only in the UK would you find a recipe as boring as this.  Anywhere else in the world, and you might see:

Former Mr Gay France slit lover’s throat then made a fine gayleg tar-tar, sipped on a glass of 1993 Chablis, and complained about social constraints of bi-sexual serial killers in Paris

Former Mr Gay USA slit lover’s throat with a hatchet, deep fried his diced flesh, and then blamed his actions on the prevelence of violence on TV

Former Mr Gay Oval Office slit lover’s throat, used the diced flesh in a spicy texas chili, and then charged US taxpayers $10 billion for time and materials.

Anyway, welcome to my project.  I’ll have something more interesting to blog about tomorrow….. or not.


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